Alex Jones Speaks Out

Editor's Note:  The New York Times, Boston Globe and Wall Street Journal won't publish this piece by my client, Alex Jones. Yet they will run material critical of him. And now Facebook has decided Alex is too dangerous to print. Gutless cowards all. Here's a piece Alex wrote that the mainstream media won't run. Why?

Alex Jones The Piece The Media Won't Print 

By Alex Jones

You know my name. I’m Alex Jones, owner of InfoWars. People love to hate me, yet I have millions of listeners and viewers.

I’m called a conspiracy theorist. I’ve been sued in various courts for the things I’ve said, believed and permitted others to say on my radio and television shows. I’ve even been sued for things I never said or did – I defy the world to prove I ever sent anyone to torment the grieving family of a victim of a mass shooting.

I’ve been de-platformed from social media – PayPal, Facebook, Apple and Twitter have banned me. Folks who hate what I have to say have banded together to persuade platforms to deny me access, all in an effort to silence my voice.

You Tube was the first to try to block me from the Internet, in February 2018. I was falsely accused of saying no one died at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, in 2018, and that crisis actors faked the deaths. When I showed YouTube that all I really said is that there was a delayed law enforcement response, YouTube relented, and let me return.

The campaign of hate, harassment and distortion continued – fueled by a campaign of lies and half-truths. By August, 2018, I was banned again in a censorship jihad led by Tim Cook and Apple. Hate won a pyrrhic victory over free expression. The censors took a guillotine to freedom of speech.

But I won’t be silenced; neither will the millions of fearful Americans looking for a voice. You do recall the 2016 election, don’t you? Brace yourself for 2020.

I’m tired of seeing isolated memes or edited snippets from selected court documents or my shows used as propaganda. Social justice warriors play a game of telephone with every word I say, sifting, repeating and distorting things until half-truths are repeated as the whole truth. I won’t repeat the words the left tries to stuff down my throat.

I’ve been made into an archetypical villain, criminal, scoundrel. My identity has been stolen by the self-righteous. You don’t hear my voice any longer; you hear the hatred in which I am draped.

Who am I?

Am I a white supremacist? No. A sexist? No. But neither am I ashamed of my skin. You call “toxic masculinity.” I cry foul. You demand reparations. I say it is a race-pandering scam. All of us are sinners in need of grace.

I still believe in America, although what I believe in is disappearing. I’ll look any man in the eye and shake his hand. Be fair to me, and I’ll return the courtesy. Shake me down, and I’ll come out swinging. I still like John Wayne movies. My bad. 

Am I a nationalist? I suppose so. I love this country, this nation, and I am proud to say so. I got mad when I saw Barack Obama apologize for our role in the world; I stand with President Trump when he says America first.

It hurts when I see gun-control lobbyists swarm to every mass shooting, looking to transform grieving survivors and families into symbols used to dilute the Second Amendment, transforming grief-struck parents into crisis actors. Pathos isn’t principle.

I get angry when I see that happen. And I say something about it. Bottom line: I am a libertarian. I don’t trust the government. I don’t trust banks. I don’t trust mainstream media. And I believe that there are powerful individuals – I call them the deep state – who seek to influence and to control events in this country. Am I a conspiracy theorist? Then so are you; that’s why you’re waiting to read the Mueller Report.

I stand with William Jennings Bryant and a long and proud tradition of angry populism.

And even if the demonic version of me were true, I remain Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men. I’m the guy who stands at the frontier dividing the life we take for granted from the chaos the lies just beneath the surface. The truth is you need me on that wall. We’re a heartbeat from disaster, and my listeners and viewers know it. That’s why they tune in, and that’s why they contribute to InfoWars, supporting us even after advertisers have been diverted away by dams of fear.


Yep. You see there’s a whole forgotten continent in fly-over country, the land between the slivers of prosperity on the coasts. My listeners and viewers know a thing or two about America. They’re scared, too. They’re afraid that American prosperity is over, and that global elites would rather congratulate one another on their good fortune in Davos, Switzerland, than spend any time in Des Moines or Detroit or Duluth.

We’re close to the breaking point in this country. Everyone knows it. That’s why there’s an epidemic of opiod abuse and suicide rates are on the rise. Healthy people do not self-destruct.

The truth is the first amendment is up for grabs. You hate what I say? Silencing me in the name of your hate make you the very thing you say needs to be silenced. Are you ready to give up the right to speak freely?

I’ve decided to fight back. That’s why I created InfoWars, a truly independent entity that will listen to any voice, and challenge any power with facts, opinion and ridicule.

I’m as American as apple pie; my censors are the worm in the apple. And, yes, I hate the worm. That’s why I will keep fighting, and why I will keep speaking. Call me a patriotic fool, but I believe in the first amendment. Don’t you?



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  • Infowars
    Thanks for your hard work Mr. Pattis. You are doing the right thing.
    Posted on January 24, 2020 at 6:46 pm by Craig Bowen

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