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Election Denialism and "White Supremacism"

The other day I raised what I consider to be the dishonest rhetoric involving white supremacism. If you're white and you disagree with a person of color, some other emergent and privileged identity, or the progressive agenda embracing diversity for diversity's sake, you are immediately smeared as a...

The Confusing Rhetoric of "White Supremacism"

I keep running into the following in books and articles I read about current affairs. An author writes about critics of a current social policy or tendency, and he characterizes the criticism as "white supremacist." There's something dishonest about the move that I can't quite put my finger...

Atkinson v. Facebook: Here's the writ

FACEBOOK, INC., : MARK ZUCKERBERG, : Defendants. : November 12, 2019
1. This is an action for money damages and injunctive relief against Facebook, a social...

Edward Snowden -- Citizen-Traitor

I pre-ordered Edward Snowden’s Permanent Record, his autobiographical memoir of how he came to be – well, what did he become? Is he a traitor? Or a hero? Such is the confusing character of our times that I could see, prior to diving into the book, a case for both...

Saying Farewell To Facebook's Digitopia

It turns out that I am not the only person to notice the recent increase in Facebook censorship. Just yesterday I learned that a lawyer in California who posted something about his willingness to defend people's right to bear arms had his post removed because it violated Facebook's opaque...

To Facebook, Or Not To Facebook, That Is The Question

I like to say the following to folks after one of my all-too-frequent displays of bad temper: “I’m sorry. I’m in AA. That outburst was totally in character. I am trying to recover.”
Generally folks pause for just a moment, reassessing me, and taking in the news that...

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